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Monday-Friday: 8:00-16.00

Address: H-2030 Érd, Sóskúti út 21. (Details...)

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Angol tartalom


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paypal-service provided - fast and simple - only an email address to be provided

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Monday-Thursday: 8:00-15:30, P: 8:00-12:30


Tel/Fax: +36 23 415 206

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Judit Szabó

Tel: +36 30 7475 503

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János Szabó

Tel: +36 30 849 0049

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New location:

2040 Budaörs (HU), str. Gyár, nr. 2., Hungary

BITEP (Industrial park zone Budaörs)

Inside the facility:

intersection of str. Bánki Donát and str. Gábor Dénes







Main office:

2462 Martonvásár, Petőfi str. 19. Tel: +36 22 460 475, Fax: +36 22 460 924

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VAT number: HU11118338



Custom foam production


We recommend foams for customization of your case. Consider foam customization in case of:


1. Personal use, storage of expensive equipment

 personal 1   personal 2

2. Shadow boards for support of 5S-Kaizen-Lean-TPM programs and for transparency

shadow board1  shadow board2  

shadow board3 shadow board4

3. OEM: perfect storage and transport of measuring instruments, cameras and optics.

oem1  oem2 oem3

4. Creative solutions for maximal security and optimal space utilization

optimal1 optimal2 optimal3

5. Multi-level modular design for better functionality




- special prices

- 100% quality ensured

- no damages

- no malfunctions

- validity: until goods in stock


Cégünk története:

Cégünk, a FRESKA Kft. 1996-ban alakult. Európai mérnöki cég, amely a legújabb technológiákat és a cégvezetés műszaki hozzáértését kellőképpen ötvözi. Képzett európai mérnökökkel és CAD/CAM megoldásokkal gazdaságos alternatívákat ajánlunk magyarországi gyártóegységekkel a nemzetközi piacra.


-Teljes fröccsszerszám gyártás
-Gazdaságos kivitelezés
-Szerszámtervezés és készítés a megrendelő elvárásai szerint

Bízza tervezését, szerszám készítését a FRESKA Kft. Műszaki Osztályára. Várjuk rajzait, mintadarabjait árajánlatunk elkészítéséhez.


froccsszerszam froccsszerszam froccsszerszam


froccsszerszam froccsszerszam froccsszerszam


About us:

The Freska Ltd. is a European based Engineering Firm which provides turnkey solutions through the employment of cutting edge technologies and management “know-how.” Using highly skilled European engineering expertise in the areas of Tool and Die design through the aid of state of the art CAD/CAM solutions, Freska KFT offers cost effective alternatives through its Tool Fabrication and Machining facilities in Hungary.

Our services:

Through our Engineering and Project Management Divisions, Freska KFT offers the following services:
-Complete Machine Tool Design Services
-Cost Effective Tool Construction at our “State of the Art” facilities in Hungary.
-Turnkey Project Management including Tool Design & Build, Production Management, and Packaging – all to your specifications.
Outsourcing Services – Let Freska KFT’s Project Management Division be your outsourced Engineering and Production management solution. Alternatively, Freska KFT has broad experience in assisting clients with the identification of new and alternative vendors in a variety of industries.
We wait your drawings, or sample for our quotation.

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Peli products
peli Water-resistant, break-resistant protective case, hard case versions, explosion proof lights, lifetime warranty, background lighting lights 1 year warranty (Injection Molded Technology)
3715     tokok      peli3peli      
Hardigg products
hardigg Water and crushproof carrying a large bag, rack s, mobile furniture, 1 year warranty (rotary molded technology)
     hardigg      hardigg
Stormcase products
storm Water and shatter resistant protective case, hard case eternal guarantee (low-pressure injection molding technology)
Stormcase     Stormcase     Stormcase
Hofbauer products
hofbauer Plastic carrying case, protective case high range
Hofbauer     hofbauer2      Hofbauer
Shockwatch products

Cargo security loss prevention goals: falling down, rolling, heat, humidity indicators, or under pallet/commodity shock and vibration absorbing pads

ShockWatch ShockWatch ShockWatch



Megrendelhető tartozékok:


  • Szivacsbetét készletek


  • Kihúzható fogantyú kerékkel

fogantyu  kerekes

  • Vállpánt


  • Dokumentumtartó


  • Standard elválasztólap

standard elvalasztolap

  • Classic elválasztólap

classic elvalasztolap

  • Fedélkitámasztó


  • Extra könnyű, tartós polipropilén elválasztólap

extra elvalasztolap






- Peli cases in really harsh environment (test run by independent organisation):

- Peli cases  subdued to water immersion, drop test, impact test by shutgun, crash test by car




Explosion proof, industrial, tactical, diving FLASHLIGHTS


High performance REFLECTORS (area lighting)


- with alkaline batteries


- with rechargeable batteries (accumulators)


- XENON or LED lamp modules


ATEX certfificates / NATO serial numbers


- waterproof, unbreakable, chemically resistant, anti-corrosive materials


- made in U.S.A., lifetime guarantee



- handheld flashlights

- portable area lighting systems

- rechargeable sytem

- fast charging

- no "memory effect" 

- focused beam

- high color definition XENON lamp modules

- high power

- low energy and cost saving LED lamp modules


- personal

- industrial general (maintanance)

- industrial hazardous (oil, gas, chemical)

- wreck events (autonomy and mobility)

- rescue, emergency (protection from explosive gases and vapors)


Virtually unbreakable, specially manufactured BOXES and SHIPPING CONTAINERS

- wide temperature range: from -40°C to +99°C

- automatic purge valve: no vacuum effect

- safety design: locks applicable (except Microcase)

- non slipping design: stackable (mould-in ribs)

- water proof, dust proof, impact resistant, chemically resistant, anti-corrosive materials

- made in U.S.A., lifetime guarantee




- foam sets: multi layers

- divider sets: padded velcro system

- panel frames: pre-set holes and screws (for electronic panels)

- wheels: rubber covered (noise absorption)

- extendable handles


- personal use (laptops, mobile phones)

- industrial use (calibration and measuring equipments)

- medical (defibrillators, emergency kits)

- broadcast (photo equipment, video cameras, flashers)

- defense (satellite communication, ammunition)