Virtually unbreakable, specially manufactured BOXES and SHIPPING CONTAINERS

- wide temperature range: from -40°C to +99°C

- automatic purge valve: no vacuum effect

- safety design: locks applicable (except Microcase)

- non slipping design: stackable (mould-in ribs)

- water proof, dust proof, impact resistant, chemically resistant, anti-corrosive materials

- made in U.S.A., lifetime guarantee




- foam sets: multi layers

- divider sets: padded velcro system

- panel frames: pre-set holes and screws (for electronic panels)

- wheels: rubber covered (noise absorption)

- extendable handles


- personal use (laptops, mobile phones)

- industrial use (calibration and measuring equipments)

- medical (defibrillators, emergency kits)

- broadcast (photo equipment, video cameras, flashers)

- defense (satellite communication, ammunition)