Explosion proof, industrial, tactical, diving FLASHLIGHTS


High performance REFLECTORS (area lighting)


- with alkaline batteries


- with rechargeable batteries (accumulators)


- XENON or LED lamp modules


ATEX certfificates / NATO serial numbers


- waterproof, unbreakable, chemically resistant, anti-corrosive materials


- made in U.S.A., lifetime guarantee



- handheld flashlights

- portable area lighting systems

- rechargeable sytem

- fast charging

- no "memory effect" 

- focused beam

- high color definition XENON lamp modules

- high power

- low energy and cost saving LED lamp modules


- personal

- industrial general (maintanance)

- industrial hazardous (oil, gas, chemical)

- wreck events (autonomy and mobility)

- rescue, emergency (protection from explosive gases and vapors)